G’day Possums!

Doctorsdownunder.com is an independent blog for international medical graduates, overseas trained doctors and medical students interested in moving to, working and living successfully in Australia.

It is designed for medicos – at all levels of experience – and their loved ones or families interested in the money, conditions, locations, medical colleges, processes and hospitals in Australia!

The aim of the blog is to tell you as it is – cutting through bureaucratic jargon and confusion to better inform you of what may lie in wait.

The writers of the blog work in medical recruitment for health services in Australia. We are anonymous to protect the site’s independence (and our careers).

We will also discuss controversial aspects about Australia and most importantly provide real first hand accounts of doctors who have moved there.

Read the latest blog post here!

Will Doctorsdownunder.com tell you the things the medical recruiters won’t? Yes!

Will Doctorsdownunder.com be able to translate Aussie bureaucratic gobbledegook into straightforward english – enough even for a millennial junior doctor to understand? Yes mate!

Are the rumours true about the complexities of securing work in Australia as an international medical graduate? Aw yea!

Will Doctorsdownunder.com help? Oath!

Can you find out exactly how much you’ll really get paid in Australia? Yes mate!

Will there be more of the ridiculous stereotypical Aussie slang in this website? Strewth! We bloody well hope not !

The creators of Doctorsdownunder.com continue to work in the health care industries in Australia and New Zealand. Their anonymity ensures the advice we give you and theĀ  website’s independence!

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Vita Vilcina

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