Welcome Possums!

Doctorsdownunder.com is an information hub for overseas trained doctors at all levels of experience who are interested in working in Australia. The blog cuts through the bull and saves you the pain of finding it all out for yourself. And believe me, it is painful.

Will Doctorsdownunder.com tell you the things the medical recruiters won’t? Yes!

Will Doctorsdownunder.com be able to translate Aussie bureaucratic gobbledegook into straightforward english – enough even for a millennial junior doctor to understand? We’ll try!

Are the rumours true about the complexities of securing work in Australia as an OTD? Yes!

Will Doctorsdownunder.com help? Oath!

Can you find out exactly how much you’ll really get paid in Australia? Yes mate!

Will there be more of the ridiculous stereotypical Aussie slang in this website? We bloody well hope not!

The creators of Doctorsdownunder.com continue to work in the health care industries in Australia and New Zealand. Their anonymity ensures the website’s independence!

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