same sex marriage plebiscite in australia – an angry koala’s message.



I wasn’t planning to write about this topic. But I got angry. And angrier. Angry Koalas need to let off steam. If they don’t they spontaneously combust into a disgusting furry hot fireball, before collapsing into themselves like a white dwarf star.

Let me remind you. A koala combusting on a eucalyptus gum tree is not a good thing. For anybody. It isn’t good for the koala, roos, humankind or any bush dwellers. It isn’t even good for the dirty dirt sniffing smelly wombat, or the irksome bush lurker tassie devil. Both, I particularly dislike.

This is why dear reader major bush fires are more prevalent and more intense then ever in Australia. It isn’t humankind made climate change. It isn’t humankind arson. It isn’t a discarded VB bottle magnifying the sun’s rays into a scorching laser on to a compressed layer of incendiary bark I have peeled off a gum tree. No. It is because koalas are getting angrier with right-wing politicians. And angrier. Kaboom!!

The reason for this anger? Malcolm Turnbull – the Prime Minister of Australia – and his pathetic postal plebiscite on same sex marriage.

Turnbull is a man so insidiously ambitious he originally wanted to join the labour party – who rejected him – before joining the LNP to fulfil his rightful place at the head of the table. One of Australia’s richest men, now a pauper of character, is revealed to be lacking in principle and moral fibre then even a Sydney commercial property estate agent.

Turnbull – pathetically devoid of the progressive beliefs he once held and got him to where he is. And all because the looney far-right christian wing of his weak government have his miserable sagging bollocks clenched in their bigoted grips.

These are the same christian politicians who wilfully imprison children of asylum seekers in Australian gulags outsourced offshore. Yet they seem it their moral and religious duty to protest marriage equality for same sex couples. This is despite the popularity of the idea of equal status in the eyes of the law amongst the public in Australia. Even the religious of the population!

Turnbull folded and thus Australia will be having a non-binding postal plebiscite and then only a free vote in parliament if the postal plebiscite results in a “Yes!” for marriage equality. A plebiscite is different in that unlike a referendum it can’t change the Australian constitution, so it is really just a glamourised opinion poll to avoid real change – which is why an already under pressure Australian Bureau of Statistics has been chosen to run it rather then the electoral commission.

Anyhow, I digress. What I am angry about is the LGBT kids this divisiveness will harm and the voice it is giving to bigots, the worms who crawl out of the woodwork when their politicians freely dog whistle their hatred. Check out this Sydney GP marketing the No campaign

This is a classic tactic of right wing pollies (politicians – see, teaching you Aussie slang all the time) the world over. In order to pursue regressive policies that service elite corporate interests: privatisation in health care and education, tax breaks for the wealthy they divide the population up on issues like this.

If  a political party went to an election with a policy of tax breaks for the rich, privatisation of healthcare no-one in their right mind would vote for them. So they split the population on issues that take attention away from their real agenda and service the interests of the establishment – in this case, the Church establishment in Australia and some dodgy right-wing pollies stuck in the 1950s.

So LGBT rights currently in Australia = traditional proponents of marriage versus marriage equality. Refugees are bad versus refugees are good. White Australian history versus Black Australian history. You get the drift I’m sure. You’re smart. You’re a doctor (probably).

I was prompted to right this post due to recent contact with LGBT doctors living outside of Australia. They were curious about how progressive the country really is. Is it tolerant, fair and just in respect to LGBT rights? How are same sex couples viewed?

My answer is that the Australian people will welcome you. The vast majority don’t give a rat’s arse who you love or want to root.

Yes, Australia has had a shameful past as most countries do towards LGBT people. However, it has much to be proud of in the last 25 years about how LGBT people are treated on the street and portrayed in Australia culture. Certainly within medical workplaces there are no problems.

I would say Australians are more likely to be racist then homophobic. But thats a matter for another post.

If you are moving to Australia and are homophobic – know this, the world is changing. Either get on or get off. You’re a dick.

The plebiscite starts on 12th September when postal ballots will arrive and residents have until November 7th to return them. I wonder how many young people post or receive snail mail these days? Perhaps that is another reason why the reactionaries are having a postal vote.

Check out the SBS guide here on the plebiscite.

Some useful links : Australian Lesbian Medical Association.

Then there is GLADD facebook page – Gay Lesbian Doctors and Dentists.

National LGBT health alliance.

Photo credit:

Tom The Photographer


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