Attention International Medical Graduates in Australia!

Good morning Possums!

This notice is for IMGs/OTDs who have migrated to Australia. I am interested in hearing your experiences, stories and testimonials of your personal and professional transition into a new country and health system. The struggles, challenges, joys and inspirations. Thoughts on AoN/DWS especially would be really interesting – did you feel isolated, supported, depressed or rejuvenated? Was your employer supportive, were you welcomed into the community? Did you experience racism or were your expectations exceeded in how well you and your family settled in Australia?

You can DM me on whichever platform you are reading this or you can email

All notes to me will be kept in the strictest of confidences.

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  1. It’s nice to see such platform who is willing to listen to IMGs, especially the junior ones.
    I will be posting my experience as an IMG, once I do my registration with AHPRA. Also, I will encourage my IMG friends to do the same. Many have interesting stories, some have gone through devastating and costly paths.

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  2. Hi!
    I have just recently discovered your blog and I believe this is the best and most straightforward site dealing with the issues IMGs need to go through to work in Australia that I have encountered in over 2 years time.

    I am really interested in doing residency training in Australia. Would you be so kind as to address this issue in a blog post
    re: IMG Junior Doctors wishing to undertake residency training in Australia

    I would sincerely appreciate.

    Keep up the great work!

    All the Best,


    • Gday! Thank you for your kind words! I most certainly will address residency training in a future post. I can’t say when, but I will put it in my notebook. Please keep an eye on the site. I always welcome feedback. Please tell your medico friends about the site. K


    • Hi Ade, as a Consultant/Specialist you can only do private practise if you are a Fellow of your respective college in Australia. Most do this within 5 years of arriving in Australia. Once you are Fellow you can work in private practise but it must be within a district of workforce shortage for the remainder of the 10 year moratorium. There are exceptions to this – for example, where you can do out of hours private work evenings etc.


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